Text On a Prim Update III

1 minute read

The first beta version of my Text On a Prim went out late last week. I got some great feedback and created a second version based on what I learned, then sent it out to a few more testers.

Here’s what’s new in Version 2:

  • The prim sends event notifications on a dedicated (but settable) channel. Notifications are given when the following events occur:
    • RenderComplete! – Text rendering for the prim is complete.
    • Clicked! A user has clicked on the prim.
  • The prim now has default values for Height (256), Width (256) and FontSize (14).
  • There’s a new owner-only Status! command. The command lists the values of the prim’s settable properties.
  • The BodyColorRGB, TextColorRGB, and BorderColorRGB commands were renamed to BodyColor, TextColor, and BorderColor, respectively.
  • The color commands now accept named colors from the X11 color list.

Here are some shots of the prim in action at the F1SH Chillout Lounge:

toap_001.png toap_002.png toap_003.png

Note that this build used one instance of the prim and that the resulting text was visible on media surfaces at multiple locations throughout the land parcel.

I don’t need any more beta testers right now, but the prim will be available for sale in no time at all! There will be an educational pricing model.