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Extreme Presentations!

According to Joi Ito, the 23C3 conference features PowerPoint Karaoke:

You get up. They cue up a random presentation. You ad lib it. An IEEE student site in Germany defines it like this:

In a powerpoint karaoke you can do a short powerpoint presentation with slides you never saw before :) Perhaps I’ve been presenting for too long, but this actually sounds like fun.

Another form of extreme presentations is the Pecha Kucha model. All of the presenters at Ignite Seattle used this format and it was a ton of fun. Under this discipline, each presenter has 5 minutes to present 20 slides, or 15 seconds per slide. This rapid-fire pace means that you have to know exactly what you want to say, and that you can’t take the time to think as you present. If a particular presentation isn’t something you care about, you simply wait a few minuntes for the next one. There’s no time to get bored or to zone out.

Any more ideas for extreme presentations? Leave me a comment.