Great Customer Service from MAKE Magazine

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I’ve had this long-time reluctance to subscribe to quarterly magazines. I’ll usually decide to subscribe only after buying newsstand copies for a while and deciding that like the magazine and want to save money. However, I always worry that my first issue of the subscription will be the last one that I purchased at the newsstand. For a monthly magazine this is ok (losing just 1/12th of the value of the subscription price) but for a quarterly its not, since I would lose 1/4 of the value of the subscription if this were to happen.

make_reply.pngI really like O’Reilly’s MAKE Magazine and finally ordered a subscription a day or two before Christmas. Today I received my confirming email but it didn’t indicate which issue I would start with. I mailed them back at 3:57 PM and had my response at 4:09 PM.

Very impressive.