Links for Thursday, December 28, 2006

less than 1 minute read

  • Journal of Visualized Experiments – “JoVE is an online research journal for publishing visualized (video-based) biological experiments. We invite submissions in all areas of biological sciences.
  • Productive Strategies: Free Academic Podcasts – “The 134 lectures in this list are all free and don’t require any type of authentication–you don’t have to be a student to download them. The links are to the rss feed of class lectures.” Good list, but they missed the one I’m currently listening to, Professor Richard Pogge’s Astronomy 161.
  • Union Square Ventures: Customer Service is the New Marketing – “Customer service is the new marketing because you can realize the radical efficiencies of the web only by enlisting the users of the service as co-contributors. The best web services provide bandwidth, cpu, storage and a governance system and then their users create the service.
  • Earning with Image Hosts: A Mini Tutorial – “*All of these image hosts have payment ratios that are determined by the number of impressions. *“