Adobe Engage – Jeremy Allaire from Brightcove

1 minute read

I’m in San Francisco this morning at an Adobe event called Engage. David Berlind just clued me in on how to get to the WiFi, so I didn’t blog the first talk by Kevin Lynch. I do have a Mind Map of his talk (You’ll need Freemind to read it).

Jeremy Allaire of Brightcove is talking about the online video editor space. He would like to see them integrated into broader community offerings. Having spent some time helping my daughter Bianca to put her cooking videos online last year, I agree. His new application is called Aftermix, not yet ported to Apollo. Create, trim, mix video. Add audio from MP3 and other data types using a drag and drop timeline editor. Integrated into desktop camera for easy live recording, no encoding or uploading needed. Save, mix in, edit with ease. Works with copyrighted content. Content owners can created shared asset bins. Add text. This looks far more usable than the Microsoft Movie Maker that I used last year. Publishing creates a new title in the author’s personal channel. If copyrighted clips were used a copy is also sent to the owner’s channel.

Jeremy used an interesting phrase — the “video snacking culture.”

James Governor objected to Jeremy’s use of the word “consumers.” I hate that word too. It was used way too often at Microsoft, and it always made me think of a big, fat fish that wandered the ocean eating up everything in sight but never really producing or contributing anything. Without going too far off on a tangent, this labeling of individuals as consumers seems to be at least part of the thinking behind asymmetric internet connectivity — download/consume all you want (at high speed) but upload just a little (at a much lower speed).