Adobe Engage – Phil Heinz – InteliSea

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InteliSea monitors the various operational and safety systems on high-end yachts. The vessel generates tons of data points that are logged for maintenance and warranty reasons. They use industrial Ethernet and 24 volt hardware, lots of small touch screens. Owners that spend $25M on a yacht want something interesting to play with.

The UI brings all of the info into one place for efficient management. Engines, electrical, fuel and water (both fresh and “black”). Mouseover a tank and the vessel map shows the location on the ship. Flood control of multiple pumps with settable alarms. Security (multiple zones, infrared sensors), lights, weather, ocean status. RFID tags to detect people walking around, or even people falling off of the ship. Use NOAA charts, overlaid with XM satellite data in real time. Control of anchors, tons of charting.

Their’s a lot of interesting info on the InteliSea site, but since it is buried inside of a Flash application I can’t point to it directly.