Links for Wednesday, February 28, 2007

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  • Anne Zelenka: How to Make Your Blog Popular – “You need to love to write, to be passionate about the subject of your blog, and inspired by interactions with your commenters. It’s fun to write for a popular blog not because being popular is so fun in itself, but because it brings more of the same: more writing, more ideas, more people to interact with.
  • Read-Write Web: Software for Virtual Teams – “It’s 2007 and no longer do startup employees, or even those of medium-size and large companies, need to be located in the same place. Instead, more and more companies are going virtual. The answer to long commutes, inner city traffic, tapping into creative minds in other geographies and combating global warming is: a ‘work from home’ policy.
  • Chris Anderson: Who needs a CIO? – “The life of a university CIO is like the life of a telco CEO, fast forwarded by about five years. The users want a dumb pipe, preferably at gigabit speed. They neither need or want the university to administer their email, wikis, blogs, video storage or discussion groups. They want it to simply get out of their way.