Links for Tuesday, March 13, 2007

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  • MSNBC: If Second Life Isn’t a Game, What Is It? – “No matter what you call it — a game, not a game, waste of time — Second Life is not a passing fad. Universities and serious research organizations are using the simulated environment to perform inexpensive experiments. Some believe the future of work will be modeled after Second Life, with avatars from far-flung locales meeting up in a virtual world to make real-world decisions. Lofty plans, big ideas.
  • Twitterami: Twitter Someone Local to You – “Twitter + where am i = twitterami
  • Anne Zelenka: Free: a Tactic, not a Business Model – “Between zero revenue and positive revenue lies your business model. Going from zero pay to a penny is where you’ve discovered how to make money–and that’s what businesses are about. The penny gap separates the winners from the losers, economically speaking.
  • Metaversatility: Identifying Common Usability Problems in Second Life Builds – “*In the hopes of fast-forwarding through years of usability-impaired design, we are launching this thread to collect a list of annoyances that people experience when navigating virtual worlds. If you are a virtual world developer or user, what aspects of Second Life builds do you find most troubling? *“
  • Andy Beard: Technorati Can’t Cope With Twitter, coComment, Blog Networks, and Blog Rolls – “Technorati simply can’t cope with new forms of blogging and RSS feed generation. I am not talking about splogs, which seem to still be rampant, and reblogs, likewise, but totally legitimate alternative unique content sources that are effectively blogs.
  • MySQL Conference: A Storage Engine for Amazon S3 – “Amazon’s S3 is a web apt-oriented storage service, making storage available to both ordinary HTTP browsers and to sophisticated applications via SOAP and REST interfaces. Learn how useful it is to make this storage accessable to MySQL users via a plug-in storage engine.