Links for Wednesday, March 13, 2007

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  • Degree Tutor: Life After College: Managing Your Reputation Online – “With the advent of search engine technologies and social networking and media, it’s really easy for unwanted information about you to wind up on the Internet, and for people to find this information. Managing your reputation online has turned into big business, with large corporations spending lots of money to monitor and track what’s being said and what information exists about them.
  • Brady Forrest: Call for Speakers for Ignite III 4/5 – “One tip: we found that the best, most popular talks were not straight product demos, but instead focused on personal experiences that could easily be applied to other people’s own project and lives.
  • Phil Windley: Are MBAs Too Dumb to Use RSS? – “One thing that’s a little shocking: no RSS feed. What are these guys thinking? Aren’t MBAs smart enough to run a feedreader or something?
  • Brian Libby: The 7 Interview Questions You Must Ask – “Question #4: “Is there intelligent life in outer space?”