Links for Friday, May 11, 2007

1 minute read

  • Matt Haughey: How to Talk to The Press – “*If you want to increase the chances of good coverage, of getting a quote in a story, or having your work mentioned, one of the best things to do is simply make the reporter’s job easier. *“
  • TG Daily: AMD demos 8-core Agena FX enthusiast PC, stream processing – “AMD is getting more aggressive in discussing technologies that are cooking in the company’s labs. What we learned today is that Agena, the firm’s upcoming desktop quad-core processor in fact is alive and kicking and stream processing may very well reach beyond the enterprise application market and finally enable high-powered consumer applications the IT industry promised ten years ago.
  • Liz Strauss: 25 Ways To Be Jazzed About Productivity – “Quit thinking poor. Buy the tools you need. Get the best quality you can afford. For those tools you use every day calculate how many pennies per day it will cost you. Then calculate how much time you will save by using the new tool.
  • Norbert: Working With Teenagers – “If you are always smiling, or always angry, or always anything, we’re not going to believe you.
  • Betsy Weber: Friday Fun – Your idea on the new Camtasia T-Shirt?! – “I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a witty or funny phrase for our new Camtasia Studio T-shirts. And, it occurred to me…who better than you, the people that use and love Camtasia, to help craft the new t-shirt for Camtasia Studio!?