Links for Monday, May 14, 2007

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  • Widefox: Firefox for the Widescreen Generation – “Increasingly webpages are portrait and screens are landscape also, you have many tabs, want to scroll less, or just want to save vertical real-estate? Widefox – a widescreen optimised Firefox that also works on 4:3 screens.
  • Business Communicators of Second Life: TMP Worldwide Holds RL Career Fair in Second Life – “This is a prime example of how virtual worlds are creating opportunities for business – and for communicators – to use this emerging media to tap into talent and recruitment.
  • Tao Takashi: Sculpted Prims for Blender – “The problem with sculpted prims right now was of course that no conversion script for the open source 3d program Blender was given from the start. But Second Life resident Amanda Levitsky just did it and created a tutorial on how to make sculpted prims with Blender.