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maptrot.pngI’ve known Bob Rose since the mid-1990′s, when I was VP of Engineering at Visix Software, and he was one of our customers. We’ve stayed in touch through the years as we’ve each chased our career paths.

A few months ago Bob got in touch and told me about MapTrot, his latest project. He wanted to simplify the process of create a Google Map containing an annotated list of places. I became a fan and a user right away, and supplied Bob with some feedback each time that I used the product.

When Google introduced the MyMaps feature, Bob didn’t throw up his hands and give up. Instead, he [added even more useful functions, this time a way to overlay any number of KML or GeoRSS data feeds on top of a map. He also gave MapTrot the ability to export finished maps in KML format.

In order to shake out the final bugs, Bob has asked his beta users to compete to get the most views on their map. To this end, I have produced a map which contains all of the places that I will or have already visited on my current trip to London and Munich.

Please visit and explore my map.

There’s an Amazon gift certificate involved, which I will happily match and then donate to my youngest daughter’s elementary school if I win.

Nice work, Bob!