Links for Friday, May 18, 2007

1 minute read

  • Presentation Zen: Bill Gates and Visual Complexity – “Now it is true that a few fluffy cumulus clouds can represent a fine sunny day and convey other positive associations. But the slide Bill uses has enough cloud formations to make an experienced sailor give the order to batten down the hatches. Bill has some real cumulonimbus-looking clouds underneath his title, a sure sign that bad weather is ahead?
  • Steve Pavlina: Confessions of an A-List Blogger – “I have no products, no inventory, no customers, no sales, no employees, and no office outside my home. I haven’t spent a dime on marketing since I launched this site in October 2004. But I earn about $40K per month, mostly from joint-venture promotions, advertising, affiliate programs, and donations.
  • Universe Today: Carnival of Space – “This is a roundup of cool articles about space and astronomy from bloggers and writers from across the Internet.
  • IBM developerWorks: A Virtual Office: IBM Lotus Sametime Chatting and Second Life – “This tutorial shows you how to create a Sametime bot that listens for conversations in Second Life and relays them to your IBM Lotus Sametime Connect client or vice-versa, making it possible to let people alert you when you’re needed, but you’re not “in-world” as well as to be in-world without missing important conversations.