Links for Thursday, May 17, 2007

1 minute read

  • David Strom: My Top Ten Ways to Promote Yourself on Web 2.0 – “The good news is that most of the tools are free for the downloading. All it will take is your time. The bad news is that the time investment is non-trivial. You can’t farm this out to someone to just do it for you. It has to become part of your own online psyche and daily activities.
  • Matt Heaton: Microsoft, Take Note! – “*Microsoft whores out its customer experience at every turn. They have completely thumbed their nose at what their users need and have lost touch technically with the internet community at large. *” – Via Isabel.
  • Under The Radar: Cruxy: Starving Artist, Your Days Are Numbered – “Maintaining a daily blog, updating a MySpace profile, approving all those new “friends” and answering every fan email sounds like a real drag, but it pays the bills, apparently. But there has to be an easier way to build your network, sell your hits, and still have time to rock.
  • Nick Wilson: 11 Excellent Second Life Blogs You May Not Know About – “*For the past few days, I’ve been bookmarking new and interesting Second Life blogs. *“
  • Pamela Slim: Compulsive Obsession With Details Will Save Your Neck When Giving Presentations – “While your client, guest presenter or participants may feel slightly over-supported with information, it is so much better than experiencing the terror of standing in front of a room one minute before you are due to start your presentation with 100 pairs of eyes staring at you as you wipe sweat off your brow while frantically fumbling around with lights, cords and your laptop.
  • Presentation Zen: Gates, Jobs, & the Zen Aesthetic – “I thought it would be useful to examine briefly the two contrasting visual approaches employed by Gates and Jobs in their presentations while keeping key aesthetic concepts found in Zen in mind.