Links for Monday, May 21, 2007

1 minute read

  • Renee Blodgett: A Business Card Is A Gift – “I vote for a little more respect. Show the person some dignity by paying attention to their card and look them in the eye when you receive it. Handing out a card isn’t a given – it’s a gift. They are giving you their personal details, often data that includes a cell phone number, an IM address and perhaps a personal website or blog address.
  • Second Life Developers: Registration API – “The Registration API allows you to programatically register users into Second Life from your web site. In addition, it allows you to have control over certain options, such as a a registrant’s start location and estate limits.
  • Zen Habits:How to Become a Patient Parent – “This is something that helps me a lot. I remember that my kids are just kids — they are not perfect, they do not know how to do things, and they have a lot to learn. I am their teacher. I must be patient, and teach them how to do things — even if I’ve tried to teach them 10 times before, it might be the 11th time when things click. And remember, none of us learn things on the first try either. Find new ways to teach something, and you’re more likely to be successful.
  • WikiMedia: Fermilab Main Control Room Panorama.
  • AbsIdea: Helix — A 1D Skyscraper With a Single Corridor – “We can build a tall office building where everyone is on the same floor, where you can go from any office to any other office without using stairs or elevators.
  • Admin Maven: Expert Administrative Help at Your Fingertips! – “*There are nearly as many definitions of the term Virtual Assistant, or VA, as there are individuals who use it to describe themselves. In general, VAs are professionals who share a few common characteristics: the ability to offer services from locations other than the client’s worksite; experience in the traditional working world; and the desire to own and operate their own home-based businesses. *“