Links for Friday, June 8, 2007

1 minute read

  • Marc Andreesen: The Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity – “The techniques that follow work together as an integrated set for me, but they probably won’t for you. Maybe you’ll get one or two ideas — probably out of the ideas I stole from other people. If so, I have succeeded.” – Via Anne.
  • DC Tech Events Weekly – “Local events for developers, tech professionals, and enthusiasts.
  • Mike Gunderloy: What Is The Deal With Second Life – “The thought that any adult might take Second Life seriously is still apparently a silly one to many people. So, time for a few words of explanation so that I can stop repeating myself.” – Via Anne.
  • Phil Windley: Great Principles of Computer Science – “Peter Denning, the past president of ACM and a renowned Computer Scientist has been working for some time to define the foundations of Computer Science and enumerate the great principles that make Computer Science a science.
  • NASA Space Flight: Tanking underway- Atlantis STS-117 LIVE – “Shuttle managers have cleared all remaining issues and are proceeding to tanking, as Atlantis edges ever nearer to tonight’s launch of STS-117.
  • NASA: STS 117 Launch Blog – “Mission STS-117 will increase the International Space Station’s power capability and prepare it for the arrival of new modules from the European and Japanese space agencies.