On-Demand Storage

1 minute read

When I use the phrase “On-Demand Storage” it usually means that I am talking about Amazon S3. Today, however, I received some on-demand storage of a whole different type.

We are doing some renovations to our house, replacing some well-worn carpet with fresh hardwood, painting, and so forth. Instead of shuffling the furniture around from room to room we simply requested a PODS container via the web site earlier this week.

Late this afternoon the truck showed up and dropped the unit off using their Podzilla crane. Podzilla is basically a 4-legged removable exoskeleton around the container. Each of the legs has a “foot” consisting of a pair of powered, swiveling wheels. Using a control panel, the operator can pick up the container from the truck and then maneuver it in any desired direction with apparent ease. It seems to me that Podzilla, and the ability to place the PODS in arbitrary locations, is an essential part of their business model.

The containers are strong and waterproof. Ours was brand-new and factory sealed. The exterior shell is made of metal. Inside, there’s a wood floor, with 4×4 and 4×6 studs and beams. The roof is made of heavy duty plastic with a clever spring system to create a peak while still allowing the containers to be stacked.

Here are a few pictures:

pod_1.jpg pod_2.jpg pod_3.jpg pod_4.jpg

The company also offers storage and moving services, all of which can be requested via a web page, as can the actual containers.

If you do decide to get one of these, do a little bit of searching and you should be able to find a 10% discount code with ease.