Links for Wednesday, June 20, 2007

1 minute read

  • Guy Kawasaki: Speaking as a Performing Art – “Hand gestures, pacing around the platform can all be useful tools in presentation, but the eyes…ah, the eyes have it! If you can’t engage people with your eyes you will eventually lose your audience’s attention. Your eyes always tell people whether or not you believe in what you’re saying! Scan the room, select a person to make a point to, and look right at them. It’s a little intimidating for them, but it keeps you focused on the individuals who make up your audience.
  • Guy Kawasaki: Bite Your Tongue: Eight More Ways To Improve Your Presentations – “One of the best ways to get a voice ready to talk or sing is to make a siren sound on “whoooo” from the lowest pitch you can make to the highest and back again. Repeat it several times. This obnoxious sound thins your vocal cords and makes them more supple for easy speaking or singing.
  • 93 Colors: Virtual Branding – A Marketing Conversation in Second Life – “To kick off our monthly thought leadership series, new marketing innovation company, crayon, will be hosting a panel discussion on Virtual Worlds in the Amphitheater on Crayonville Island starting at 12noon EST/9am SLT on Tuesday, June 26th.
  • Alek Komarnitsky: Hippo Attack: – “Had a big adventure today. While canoeing, a hippo came up under the canoe and bit a hole in it and dumped us. I wound up stepping on the hippo. No one got bitten, we just got dumped in.