Upcoming Appearance on Tonight Live in Second Life

1 minute read

Early this month I was invited to appear on Tonight Live, a new Second Life interview show. After gaining the requisite approval from Amazon’s PR department, I accepted the invitation. The actual interview will take place this Sunday evening (June 24th) at 6 PM SLT (Second Life Time, which is the same as PST) at a studio on Northpoint island. Tonight Live is part of the Second Life Cable Network; you can read a bit of the back-story here.

I’ve already had one extended pre-interview with Paisley Beebe, and we have a complete run-through slated for Thursday night. There will be an in-studio audience but I don’t know if preregistration is required. It will also be streamed live on the SLCN site.

Next on my list is to get some fancy new clothes (despite Thoreau’s caution against such things) and perhaps a gesture or two. Scarily enough, the Men’s Second Style blog is on my feed list and has some good places to shop!

Here are some pictures of the studio: <div style="text-align:center;"> tonightlive-05.jpg tonightlive-04.jpg tonightlive-03.jpg </div>

Here is the piano to stage left. I zoomed in on the sheet music to illustrate the variable resolution that you get in a good 3D world. This is Beethoven’s Sonata, which I can read with sufficient clarity to be able to play it while reading from the screen (if I could actually play the piano).

tonightlive-02.jpg tonightlive-01.jpg