Links for Saturday, June 23, 2007

1 minute read

  • International Herald Tribune: Billionaire Pitches Supersonic Business Jets at Paris Air Show – “As private jets inch ever-closer in size to passenger planes, supersonic jets may become the next great symbol of exclusivity.
  • Aerion Corporation: The Dawn of the Supersonic Business Jet – “It will be possible to traverse the United States at .98 Mach, with operating costs equivalent to today’s large business jets. And to access all the airports where most business jets operate now, while meeting applicable noise and emissions regulations.
  • Evolution Blog: The Creation Museum I: Getting Our Foot in the Door – “Swimming in the lake, for some incomprehensible reason, was a model of a Loch Ness Monster. I guess the same dogmatic, closed-minded, atheistic scientific establishment that promotes evolution is also striving to keep knowledge of Nessie’s existence from the general public.
  • B.Places: Flying Your Way in Second Life With B.Places – “B.places is all about discovering new and exciting locations within Second Life. Brussels Airlines has created this website, together with a set of tools, to promote rapid and easy travelling to top destinations of your choice. Getting started
  • TeleGeography: Submarine Cable Map 2007 – “The Global Submarine Cable Map 2007 continues TeleGeography’s tradition of producing beautifully illustrated telecommunications maps. The latest edition of the submarine cable map has been completely redesigned and updated to include over 80 major submarine cables systems in operation today.” – Too bad there’s no “Add to Wishlist” option on this page…
  • KZero: Mystitool: Metabrand no.1 – “SL is a thriving economy and when you delve into it a little deeper you beging to learn that there are people creating virtual products of all kinds of things. This means that the importance of having a brand becomes more and more important. The need to create differentiation, stand-out, recall and assurance will become increasingly more important.