Tonight Live Rehearsal

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Earlier this week I spent about two hours in Second Life and on the phone (via Soundreach) preparing for my interview on Tonight Live. I met Paisley Beebe, the production crew (Starr Sonic and Yxes Delacroix), fellow guest and dress designer Natalia Basiat, and Rena Mayne, standing in for musical guest Keith Elvehjem, who couldn’t be there.

We fine-tuned the sound and did several dry runs of the entire show. This is a very serious production, with precise timing, crew behind the scenes to handle the audio and the video, and a “run sheet” for Paisley. The studio is looking great — the seats just showed up this morning, as did a set of dressing rooms and some backstage furniture in the green room.

You can be a part of the studio audience if you come to Northpoint shortly before 6 PM SLT, or you can watch online at The video will also be available online for later viewing.

Here are some pictures:

The crew and the guests:


Paisley (left) and the three guests:


Paisley Beebe:


The guests waiting at stage left for our cues:


The production crew:


In-studio video feed of the show: