Links for Tuesday, July 3, 2007

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  • Bad Astronomy Blog: First Light, Confirmed? – “The images were made by taking very deep exposures, then subtracting away all known light sources. What was left was a softly glowing web of light from no known source. The astronomers on the Spitzer team then said this could be the light from the very first stars. These stars were extremely massive, a hundred or more times the mass of the Sun — and up until now have been entirely theoretical.
  • CrayonCast: Police Invade Second Life – “Many times brands try to leap over the chasm too fast and fail to foster and maintain the relationship with the people that gave them their start. Without a core group of hardcore loyalists a brand is worthless; however, one barrier to strengthening the relationship is finding the right people. Thus, similar to how the police are using platforms like SL to find a certain kind of recruit, brands can use the same platforms to find/recruit their most valuable assets: People that already love their brands.