Links for Thursday, July 5, 2007

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  • Jon Udell: Hosted Lifebits – “Today my digital assets are spread out all over the place. Some are on various websites that I control, and a lot more that I don’t. Others are on various local hard disks that I control, and a lot more that I don’t. It’s become really clear to me that I’d be willing to pay for the service of consolidating all this stuff, syndicating it to wherever it’s needed, and guaranteeing its availability throughout — and indeed beyond — my lifetime.
  • Springwise: Yotel’s No Frills Chic – “The inspiration for Yotel came from Japanese capsule hotels and first class cabins on long haul flights. YO!’s founder, Simon Woodroffe, aimed to combine the best of both concepts to create small but luxurious hotel rooms at affordable prices.
  • Randstad: Welcome to Randstad – “Do you own a virtual company looking for staff? Is your Avatar broke or bored?