Super Stretch Scion

1 minute read

I really like my Toyota Scion Xb. It is a very practical and competent car. It is comfortable, runs well, and people always ask me about it when they see it in a parking lot. The back seat is fairly roomy — three of my teenagers will fit there without much in the way of complaining or fighting.

In fact, I like the car so much that I would really like to have a slightly bigger version for those too-rare occasions when all seven of us need to go to the same place at the same time. While driving home from the airport last night, my son Steve and I decided that it wouldn’t be too tough to build a stretched Scion. Today I asked my daughter Grace to work some Photoshop magic on a stock Scion and here’s what she came up with:


I really, really want one of these! Of course we’d need to beef up the engine and the brakes a little bit, but that wouldn’t be a very big deal. I honesty don’t think that this would be too hard to pull off. The Scion is front wheel drive; we’d have to extend a fuel line, some wires, and a couple of brake lines. There’d be some body work, but not a whole lot because the car is basically square.

Steve and I also talked about the possibility of using the leftover parts from one of the cars to create a really short, 2-door version!