Links for Tuesday, August 28, 2007

1 minute read

  • YouTube: Science Learning Opportunities in Second Life – “A brief overview of science and research education in Second Life, highlighting Science School, Genome Island, Research Park, ISTE Island and more.
  • YouTube: Wiki at Shimmer Island – “In this 3D representation it is immediately obvious what’s taking place.” – Via Mal Burns. More info here. The actual Wiki is located on Daydream SE Islands, 351 meters above sea level.
  • Deborah Kurfiss: Guide to Doing Business in Second Life – “How do people make money in Second Life? The possibilities are almost as endless as real life, but following are some of the primary avenues.
  • Wall Street Journal: Condo Troubles Further Squeeze Property Lenders – “The condo market, while tied to the housing market overall, behaves differently under stress. While a single-family home builder generally constructs units as orders come in, a condo developer builds all at once and hopes for the best, adding risk. So while the speculative overhang of newly constructed single-family homes may have peaked in many markets across the country, the full force of the condo glut is starting to hit now.
  • Tao Takashi: SLCC: Keynote of Philip Linden – “According to Philip this simply was necessary because the critical mass was missing. There was no time to make proposals, discuss these in depth with everybody, refine them and at some point finally implement them. Instead they just implemented.