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Links for Sunday, September 2, 2007

  • CNET: At IBM, a Vacation Anytime, or Maybe None – “Aided by broadband connections, cell phones and video conferencing software, 40 percent of IBM’s employees have no dedicated offices, working instead at home, at a client’s site, or at one of the company’s hundreds of “e-mobility centers” around the world, where workers drop in to use phones, Internet connections and other resources.
  • ABC News: The Future of the Workplace: No Office, Headquarters in Cyberspace – “IBM says it saves $100 million a year in real estate costs because it doesn’t need the offices.
  • SLNN: Free Kiosks and a Cash Prize Make Press Releases Fun – “Everyone loves a freebie and most people like entering contests to win lindens. PR Newswire’s new press release kiosks and contest covers both areas. The new kiosks are low-prim and rotate headlines of recent Second Life-related press releases submitted to the service.
  • SL Pulse: Second Life Press Releases, Announcements, and Events – “Here you can access the latest Second Life news directly from its sources. This service is free and open to all with news related to Second Life. All submitted content is posted directly by the authors.