Office Hours in Second Life

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A number of the employees of Second Life creator Linden Lab conduct a regular schedule of in-world office hours. The Linden Lab employees use these times to talk about new features, get feedback on existing features, review and prioritize bugs, and to take the temperature of the community.

Last week I attended Zero Linden‘s office hours. Zero runs one Studio Icehouse, one of several development studios inside Linden Lab. Each studio consists of a group of developers with a long-term focus on improving a particular part of the Second Life system. Studio Icehouse works on the low-level communication infrastructure.

Here are some pictures from last week’s event. That’s Zero himself in the last picture:

Zero is also very diligent about posting transcripts after each event, but don’t get into the habit of thinking that reading the transcripts is a substitute for being there.

As you can see, you don’t need a really fancy build to create the right setting for an event like this. As I discussed in my SLCC talk last month, I believe that the role of the build is to simply get people into the right frame of mind to have interesting interaction and discussion.