Links for Monday, September 3, 2007

1 minute read

  • Personalize Media: Corporations in Social Virtual Worlds – Psychopaths or Welcome Friends? – “Commercial organisations need to have character and an indentifiable personality in the metaverse and cannot rely anymore on corporate slickness, blandness or aloofness. To engage with audiences and inhabitants in these spaces they need to learn how to be human.
  • Ask The Wizard: Lessons Learned: Obviously, it’s not Obvious – “Make sure you provide explicit examples of the powerful use or implementation of your service and don’t just expect people to ‘find’ it on their own. Similarly, pay careful attention to the things that people do with your technology/service/product, because some of them may have discovered a powerful use for it that has completely evaded you.
  • Mitch Wagner: Exercise – “Imagine there were a treatment that would enable you to add decades to your life, and, during that time, you’d be happier, more alert, have more energy, and look better. The downside: It takes about an hour a day.
  • Web Worker Daily: Get to the Bottom of Your To-Do List by Making it Tiny – “I suggest you adopt a Tiny To-do List: one with only three important tasks for today, and perhaps a few smaller and unimportant tasks that you can group together (emails, calls, paperwork, routine stuff).
  • Build an Atom.