Links for Sunday, September 16, 2007

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  • Simply Put, Smart People Don’t Need An MBA – “In many banks and investment boutiques, traders with math and science backgrounds now contribute more to the bottom line than the white-shoed investment bankers who long presided over Wall Street. And traders tend to be less likely to go to business school.
  • NYike’s Blog: Rarely Seen Shuttle Pre-Flight Activities – “These following pictures show the amount of thought and engineering that goes into the whole launch process. After looking at the pictures you will know why there’s a good period of time between shuttle launches
  • Rick Jellife: 25 Skills Every Man Should Know – “Finally, when I lived in the country and needed something done, the thing to do was to ask a woman. It is not so tragic if men don’t know all these skills, because they are only half the population. I guess that goes without saying.” – Via Planet XML.
  • TechCrunch: Virtual Worlds Are The Future Of Global Commerce: ICANN CEO – “It’s interesting that the head of the body that controls the internet believes that the world of tomorrow is virtual; Twomey didn’t suggest that it may happen, he stated that it would be as a fact. Virtual worlds such as Second Life may not be the exact model used in the future, but there is little doubt that if Twomey is correct they are certainly heading in the right direction.
  • Jeffrey Winter: 2007 Polar Ice Cap Retreat – “It’s pretty remarkable how much ice coverage has disappeared north of the East Siberian Sea.Original post, via FoRK list.
  • Bre Pettis: Rabbit-Holes – “If you stick to your passions you really can’t go wrong. Life is full of opportunities and if you are willing to follow your passion, watch for opportunities, and work hard you’ll be rewarded with amazing possibilities, connections, and things will happen that you would have never dreamed possible.
  • Nick Bradbury: Don’t Trade Your Life for Tech – “Not submerging myself in tech all the time actually makes me more productive when I’m sitting in front of the keyboard. Wish I would’ve know that when I was in my 20′s!