Links for Sunday, September 23, 2007

less than 1 minute read

  • Bad Astronomer: How Wrong is the Flat Earth? – “If someone thinks the world is black and white, then their own mind is too small to be able to hold more than one bit of information.
  • Sean Koehl: Rattner’s Virtual World’s Keynote: Research Reflections on IDF Day 3 – “Virtual worlds are perhaps the most interesting example of the model-based applications that will be enabled by tera-scale computers.
  • Seth Godin: Seven Tips to Build for Meaning – “You have a blog to turn a browser into a raging fan for your candidate or your product. You have a lens designed to teach people what they need to know to confidently sign up for your tour.
  • Boston Globe: Predatory Borrows – “The fact that the federal government is considering ideas on how to help those facing difficulties in paying their mortgages, deserving or not, seems contradictory. Politically, it sounds like some new type of hybrid economics that provides the benefits of capitalism on the way up and the safety of socialism on the way down.