Add One, Drop Two

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I’ve been trying to simplify my life in various ways for the last couple of months. This includes getting rid of old books, donating old clothing and other surplus household goods to worthwhile causes, unsubscribing from various mailing lists that didn’t bring me any value, and so forth.

I am also trying to adopt a new discipline wherein everytime I get something new I need to get rid of one or two old things. This will help me to organize, simplify, and prioritize the things that I keep. Mathematically I suppose that this should also improve the quality of everything that remains.

I’m doing the same thing with feeds. If I add one new feed to BlogLines I now have to unsubscribe one or two. For example, today I added Tim Ferris (found via Janet) and I dropped Tom’s Hardware and the Yahoo Search Blog. Bye!

How do you go about simplifying your life? Leave me some good comments and I will do a followup post!