Links for Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1 minute read

  • KnowNow Co-Founder Proposes “Syndication-Oriented Architecture” to Manage Information Overload – “It is not farfetched to consider Facebook as an example of the future of enterprise knowledge management. Its personalization and collaborative filtering features may be at an early stage, but its platform strategy makes clear that its members view the world as a continuous stream of written information and social interactions. This infrastructure for scalable information routing is one of the most broadly used publish/subscribe applications in the world.
  • Ernest Prabhakar: Rohit’s SynOA takes the “Sin” out of SOA – “Rohit (as usual) went one step further by coining (and describing) the term Syndication-oriented architecture at the Gartner Financial Service Technology Summit.
  • James Governor: You Can Keep Your “Business Language”: That’s Not Meaningful Conversation – “I don’t only want to know What Stephen and Cote Are Working On. Rather I want to know How They Are Doing. Good managers take a view of their people that goes far beyond the tasks they assign. Twitter helps to keep us all in the loop.
  • Daily Kos: Why American Consumers are Signaling Recession – “The only way American consumers have been able to significantly improve their lifestyles is either to take on debt, using assets which have appreciated in value as collateral, or to refinance their existing debt at lower interest rates.
  • MadConomist: The New American Ghost Town – “In many cases, when the true costs are revealed, the brokers who arranged the mortgages at unfavorable terms have long moved on with their fees, while the original lenders have already sold the loans on the secondary market to banks that used them to back securities.