Links for Friday, October 26, 2007

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  • Metaversed: Turning Campers into a Positive Force – “The thing that stands out most about this more traditional corporate build for me, is the idea of using campers as a positive force.
  • No VC Required: Start… – “I’ve started No VC Required in the hope of starting a conversation about the benefits of not taking money from VC’s and how you might not actually need to take VC money.
  • Java Lobby: Real World Guide to Open Sourcing a Saturday Project – “Expect to be surprised at the insights you get from those you had never heard of! Expect to gain a lot in terms of domain knowledge of the contributors involved. Open sourcing is fun, especially with Saturday projects, since they’re generally not time driven and can lead to a number of interesting encounters with developers around the world.
  • Theodore Gray: The Most Beautiful Periodic Table Poster in the World – “In August, 2006, after four years of photography and months of assembling, I finally published a photographic periodic table poster based on my collection.