On the Road Again

1 minute read

garage.jpgI’ve got an action-packed couple of weeks coming up, starting with a trip to San Francisco on Sunday evening. I will be speaking at the CSC Leading Edge Forum on Monday and then visiting with VCs and startups at Alsop Louis Partners on Tuesday. Before heading home I will also make a stop at Linden Lab.

After resting at home for a day, and then Trick-or-Treating with my kids (at least with the ones who are still young enough to want to do this) I will take a deep breath and board a red-eye flight to Washington Dulles. I will leap off of the plane as fast as I can, board one of those infernal inter-terminal buses at Dulles, get my luggage and my car, and then high-tail it over to Reston, Virginia and the New-New Internet conference. Dion Hinchcliffe will chat with Peter Coffee and I on the subject of “Defining the business potential for Web 2.0.”

I’ll take another breath and will then head into DC for a meeting with the Department of Homeland Security, and that will do it for the day.

Friday, I will talk to the folks at Unity08 and will also hang out at Startup Weekend DC for a while.

Over the weekend I will visit with my wife’s family in Maryland and then head up to Pennsylvania. I will try to see my mom in York while I’m there.

The following week will be equally action-packed, with visits to a number of large corporations and some startups, and a special AWS event in the city. I’ll fly home Thursday night.

I still have a little bit of open time on my DC / PA agenda. Please feel free to book some of my time if you would like. I also have some very short trips to Boston, San Francisco, and New Mexico later in the month and you are welcome to book some of my time there as well.