Warren Adler Comes to Second Life

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Author Warren Adler will be coming into Second Life later this week for a series of interactive events.

A collection of folks at Amazon.com and Cruxy are working together to make this happen. The events will take place at the News Center on Amazon Developers 1, coordinates (118,179,23). You can click here for a direct teleport.

Join the Second Life group named Warren Adler Fans for reminders before each event.

The hour-long events will take place on Thursdays at Noon PST, from February 21st to March 20th. Here’s an outline of what will be discussed at each event:

Session One (Feb 21)
*Where do story ideas come from? *
Mr. Adler will discuss a number of short stories that appear in NEW YORK ECHOES, how they entered his mind and were fashioned into stories. He will discuss three of his stories: “Good Neighbors,” “The Mean Mrs. Dickstein,” and “The Cherry Tree.”

Session Two (Feb 28)
*Tragic events and how they resonate *
Mr. Adler will discuss two of his short stories that deal with the aftermath of 9/11 and how these tragic events linger in memory and trigger ideas for stories. The two stories are “I Can Still Smell It” and “That Horrid Thing.”

Session Three and Four (March 6 & 13)
Short Story Contest
Mr. Adler will discuss his short story contest and why he decided to start it. He will also announce the winners and discuss each story and why he chose them. If possible, contest entrants will convey their story lines or read the stories.

Session Five (March 20)
How to put “life” into stories
Mr. Adler will talk about his novel FUNNY BOYS and how it took shape. He will describe the era that is described by the term “Borscht Belt”, how it came about, what life was like then (1937) and the brutal gangster era at the time when Murder Inc., a group of Jewish and Italian killers, was in its heyday.