Links for Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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  • Pete Stevens: Upside-Down Ternet – “My neighbours are stealing my wireless internet access. I could encrypt it or alternately I could have fun.
  • Virtual Worlds Management: Industry Forecast 2008 – “*This Virtual Worlds Management Industry Forecast 2008 brings together 45 virtual worlds industry leaders, including CEOs of developers, platforms, and agencies, analysts and thinkers, and lawyers and government representatives to offer their thoughts on and predictions for virtual worlds in 2008. *“
  • The Atlantic: The Next Slum? – “If gasoline and heating costs continue to rise, conventional suburban living may not be much of a bargain in the future. And as more Americans, particularly affluent Americans, move into urban communities, families may find that some of the suburbs’ other big advantages—better schools and safer communities—have eroded.
  • Scobleizer: Can Anyone Stop This Man? – “So, I ask you, can anyone stop Jeff Barr and Amazon from totally taking over the corporate data infrastructure market?
  • SageCircle: Are you guilty of monologuing and death by PowerPoint? – “One of the easiest ways to improve the effectiveness of a briefing is to dump the 64-slide, 153-build PowerPoint presentation and engaging in a real and candid dialogue.” – Via James.