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Two Requests — Vote and Consider Donating

Dear readers, I have two small requests for you today:

First, the “Punk Rock Grand Old Flag” video created by my son Andy and his friends created made the final 4 and public voting is now underway here. His video is the third one on the list; if you like it the best, please vote for it! Based on the YouTube referral stats on the videos, I think he’s in first or second place right now; let’s see if we can make that a sure thing.


Second, the fund-raising effort for Serenity Burns is still underway and she now has her own site, Lifting Up Serenity. When the fund raising goal was $500 I committed to contributing an extra 15%. The goal is now $10,000. I don’t think I can swing 15% of that, so I will plan on contributing 15% of the first $5,000. I’ve got some other fund-raising efforts up my sleeves; stay tuned to this blog for details. If you can make a donation to help get to $5K, that would be most excellent.


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