Links for Saturday, June 7, 2008

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  • Jeremy Elson and Jon Howell: Handling Flash Crowds from your Garage – “More and more of the basic building blocks of scalability—network bandwidth, large-scale storage, and compute servers—are now available in forms analogous to traditional utilities like electricity and water. That is, a contract with a utility has very little overhead, gives you access to vast resources almost instantly, and only bills you for the resources you use.” – Via Wes.
  • Seed Magazine: The Reality Tests – “In Vienna experiments are testing whether quantum mechanics permits a fundamental physical reality. A new way of understanding an already powerful theory is beginning to take shape, one that could change the way we understand the world around us. Do we create what we observe through the act of our observations?
  • Overcoming Bias: The Wonder of Evolution – “*Please note: evolution does not explain the origin of life; evolutionary biology is not supposed to explain the first replicator, because the first replicator does not come from another replicator. Evolution describes statistical trends in replication. The first replicator wasn’t a statistical trend, it was a pure accident. *“