Links for Monday, March 9, 2009

1 minute read

  • Caleb Booker: ROI In Virtual Worlds – The New User Experience – “If we wanted to bring people in to engage in our experience, we needed to design an orientation that was going to get them there! I’ve broken it all down into seven basic steps.
  • Duncan Davidson: Dear Speakers – “If you don’t make eye contact with your audience, you make it that much harder for them to connect to your message. You want your audience to connect with what you are saying, right?
  • Chris DiBona: Want To Be A Better Speaker? – “Pick a person in each ‘section’ of the audience. Alternate looking at them. For large crowds, you are far enough away generally that it isn’t creepy, and for small crowds switch people every 10 minutes or so.
  • Karl Denninger: “The Bezzle” Defined – “At any given time there exists an inventory of undiscovered embezzlement in – or more precisely not in – the country’s business and banks. This inventory – it should be called the bezzle. It also varies in size with the business cycle
  • Wired How-To Wiki: Open Up Government Data – “*The Federal government is a big beast with more lots of agencies collecting and publishing data, some of it stretching back decades. Much of the data about the workings of our country is stranded in PDFs, Excel spreadsheets and other less-than-ideal formats. The net effect is that scientists, lawmakers, journalists and citizens can’t access key decision-making information. *“
  • Puget Sound Business Journal: Amazon markets using Twitter – “A number of Amazon employees, including Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels and Web Services Evangelist Jeff Barr, are also heavy users of Twitter.
  • Wall Street Journal: How to Twitter – “I discovered that a better way to get followers was to tweet. Every time I tweeted, I got a surge of followers. Where were they coming from? The likely answer illuminates Twitter’s greatest strength: It’s easily searchable.