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Links for Tuesday, March 10, 2009

  • Jim Kunstler: Forget About ‘Recovery’ – “The dangerous shift in public mood is liable to occur with shocking swiftness, in the manner of “phase change,” where one moment you see a bewildered bunch of flabby clown-citizens vacuously enraptured by “American Idol,” and the next moment they are transformed into a vicious mob hoisting flaming brands to the window treatments of a hedge funder’s McMansion.
  • Heinz Maas: All the jQuery Resources You’ll Ever Need – “Hi, today i will show a monster collection of jQuery resources you’ll ever need to create that amazing site for one of your clients or for one of your personal projects.
  • Newsweek: Now 4 Restaurant 2.0 – “Thanks to the unprecedented speed and scale of its success—crowds often exceed 600 people—Kogi has already transcended its roots as a gourmet gastromobile and emerged, through a combination of cuisine, context, attitude and Internet alchemy, as something far more interesting: America’s first viral restaurant.