Links for Saturday, April 18, 2009

1 minute read

  • The American Interest: Going Postal – “The Internet is still an inherently lawless medium. Emails are fraught with all sorts of malfeasance, from viruses to financial scams. The USPS could play a role in assigning legal online addresses for all citizens and businesses and providing a secure Internet-based channel for trusted communications. We only need to look across the pond for examples of now to do this.
  • Thingiverse: Open Source Robotic Arm – “Perhaps one of the funnest projects we have attempted around the .:oomlout:. offices. A five degrees of freedom robotic arm. While we have spent many hours twisting knobs to move pop cans from one point on our desk to another sadly it has not progressed much further.
  • Second Life Blog: 5 Fun Apps to Record Second Life Videos – “To help you on your journey, here are my personal picks, not a comprehensive list but what I’ve actually used and can recommend from hard-boiled, battle-tested trial by fire. Keep in mind that these weren’t made by Linden Lab so we can’t provide support — contact the companies responsible, but I’m happy to casually share tips on using them with Second Life, so ask away in the comments