Links for Monday, April 20, 2009

1 minute read

  • Second Life Blog: The Second Life Economy – First Quarter 2009 in Detail – “A number of factors drove the growth in the Second Life economy in Q1 2009: an increase in active users and user hours, a steady influx of new Residents, and continued improvements in grid stability. Anecdotal conversations with large estate owners and merchants point to a renewed optimism about the Second Life economy, while our recent business owner survey, indicated that 68% of business owners are planning on maintaining or increasing their investment in Second Life in the next six months.*“
  • Flickr: WebOps Visualizations – “This group is for sharing visualizations of web operations metrics. For the most part, this means graphs of systems and application metrics, from software like ganglia, cacti, hyperic, etc.
  • Ambysoft: How To Write a Technical Book – “The goal of this page is to share my hard-won experiences writing books. The bad news is that writing a book is hard work and frankly it can be very difficult to break into the publishing industry. The good news is that writing a book can be personally and professionally rewarding. Think long and hard about these observations.
  • Replicator Blog: Crowdsourcing & Mass Customization Ecommerce – “Ecommerce is expanding rapidly and has been one of the few bright spots in the financial meltdown. However, the standard string search+algorithm based shopping experience may soon give way to new and more interesting shopping patterns. A couple developments, mass customization technology and crowd sourced designs, promise to change the way we shop in the future. New shopping behaviors are beginning to emerge
  • Dylan Schiemann: QCon Tokyo – “After the talks, I was lucky enough to be able to attend a nomikai event, which was a lot of fun, featured syabu syabu, sushi, a raw egg as the condiment for the meat, and less conventional options such as french fries and thin pizza bread.