Links for Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1 minute read

  • Seattle PI: Boeing 737 Factory Tour Photos – “Boeing workers can finish final assembly of the single-aisle 737 in 11 days. In 2000, the process took 22 days, and the goal is to reach eight days, officials said Tuesday on a tour of the Renton factory.
  • Sacramento Bee: Unemployment in California – “This interactive map shows the month-to-month changes in California’s unemployment rate – now at its highest level in three decades – by county.
  • The Spellout Seattle: The 10 Best Free Wi-Fi Hotspots in Seattle – “Count your blessings, nerds: This city has free Wi-Fi in places where other cities don’t even have paid Wi-Fi. Nearly every one of our cafes, many of our bars and even a few of our public spaces have free wireless internet service — and if ever there was a time to flaunt this mobile-office superiority to the rest of the world, that time is now.
  • Portfolio: Confessions of a TARP Wife – “As you can see, being a TARP wife means, in short, making decisions according to a complex algorithm: balancing the need to look like your world hasn’t crumbled beneath you—let’s not alarm the investors!—with the need to appear duly repentant for your subprime sins.
  • Ars Technica: Ubuntu Brings Advanced Screen Features to the Masses – “In an effort to make Screen more accessible to the masses, the Ubuntu developers have assembled a nice collection of embellishments that make the program easier to configure and use. These improvements are delivered in the screen-profiles package, which was introduced in Ubuntu 9.04.
  • Second Life: Quickstart Guide – “Welcome to your Second Life! This guide will help you get started fast, by explaining how to complete some of the most common tasks you’ll need to get the most out of your new Second Life.
  • Second Life Blog: Welcome to the Second Life virtual world! Reference Tips for Beginners – “Welcome to our community! If you are new in the Second Life virtual world, you are probably still getting acclimated to your surroundings.