Links for Friday, May 1, 2009

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  • Tim O’Reilly: Reinventing the Book in the Age of the Web – “The web has changed the nature of how we read and learn. Most books still use the old model of a sustained narrative as their organizational principle. Here, we’ve used a web-like model of standalone pages, each of which can be read alone (or at most in a group of two or three), to impart key points, highlight interesting techniques or the best applications for a given task.
  • Nancy Duarte: The Outlier Finds His Element – “What a dramatic impact that fluke decision to toss in a composition played. The Department Chair saw exceptional talent in Anthony and took him on as his composition student for all 3 years of high school. He made A’s in AP classes, won an ASCAP award at the age of 16 and was honored at the Lincoln Center in NYC and his Bassoon Octet composition was just picked up by a publisher last week.