Links for Friday, June 26, 2009

1 minute read

  • jQuery Ribbon – “A ribbon control built on jQuery. It supports grouping, dropdown menus, nested lists theming and more.
  • Beverly Coggins: 10 Ways to Double Your Time – “Would you like to squeeze more time out of your day? Who wouldn’t? Here are a few suggestions to help you do just that. Then hopefully you’ll have some more time to do what you want to do!
  • The Big Picture: Bailout Costs vs Big Historical Events – “It is exceedingly difficult to convey exactly how much we are spending on all these bailouts. Whenever I start talking trillions (versus mere billions), I get puzzled looks from people. Humans have a hard time conceptualizing any number that large. I wanted a graphic way to clearly show how astonishingly ginormous the amounts involved were.
  • Second Life Wiki: Move Build – “*This guide shows you how to move your build, such as a house or store, from one parcel of land in a Region to another. It presumes you have camera movement and object editing skills. Take your time, enjoy the videos, and take care with fine details so nothing is lost. This guide focuses mainly on moving larger, complex builds but the principles apply to builds of any sizes. Digest it thoroughly so you understand before actually making the move. *“