Links for Sunday, July 19, 2009

1 minute read

  • Ralf Ebert: Visual git tutorial I – “I hope I was able to provide a good starting point for using git. I’m a big advocater of versioning projects with the git system. I have been using it for one and half years now to keep track of all my projects and git has never let me down.
  • Github: MozRepl – “*MozRepl lets you program Firefox and other Mozilla-based applications from the inside. *“
  • Cool Tools: Park Tool AWS-1 – “Peer behind the service counter at most bike shops and you’ll see a Park Tool workstand. There’ll be a waist-level tool tray on the stand, and unless it’s already in the hands of a mechanic, the triangle-shaped AWS-1, which features a 4-, 5- and 6mm hex wrench, will likely be one of a handful of tools resting in the tray.
  • IdeaPaint – “When you’re confined to the space of a typical whiteboard, your ideas are destined to be small. IdeaPaint turns virtually anything you can paint into a high-performance dry-erase surface, giving you the space you need to collaborate, interact and fully explore your creativity. No matter where you use it, big ideas follow.
  • Massively: Second Life objects to become HTTP-aware – “The HTTP-in method, will allow external services to push data to in-world objects and receive simple responses, saving significant quantities of bandwidth and server resources. That, right there, stands to revolutionize a lot of scripted systems.
  • Second Life Wiki: LSL http server – “While llHTTPRequest lets scripts in Second Life request data from HTTP-accessible sources, this HTTP-in enables outside sources to request data from scripts in Second Life. The key difference is that llHTTPRequest exchanges data when the script in SL wants; HTTP-in allows outside sources to determine when they need to communicate with scripts in SL.
  • Mark Forster: Get Everything Done: The Autofocus System – “The system consists of one long list of everything that you have to do, written in a ruled notebook (25-35 lines to a page ideal). As you think of new items, add them to the end of the list. You work through the list one page at a time in the following manner.