Links for Sunday, June 13, 2010

less than 1 minute read

  • Metafilter: For Pity’s Sake, Don’t Go to Law School – “The expected economic payoff from any professional degree (JD, MBA, PhD) is negative, except possibly for the very top-tier schools. Going into debt in pursuit of a negative expected payoff is stupid.
  • jQuery Tools: The Missing UI Library for the Web – “jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user-interface components for modern websites. Used by large sites all over the world.
  • lsyncd: Live Syncing (Mirror) Daemon – “Lsyncd uses rsync to synchronize local directories with a remote machine running rsyncd. Lsyncd watches multiple directories trees through inotify. The first step after adding the watches is to rsync all directories with the remote host, and then sync single file by collecting the inotify events
  • Warehouse Deals by Amazon – “Deep discounts on open-box and like-new products from .