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Links for Monday, June 21, 2010

  • Los Angeles Times: Second Life’s Thriving Music Scene – “Lyons typically earns $100 to $200 per show, and he often plays as many as three gigs in one day for audiences logging into Second Life from different time zones.
  • Paul Volcker: The Time We Have Is Growing Short – “One basic flaw running through much of the recent financial innovation is that thinking embedded in mathematics and physics could be directly adapted to markets. A search for repetitive patterns of behavior and computations of normal distribution curves are a big part of the physical sciences. However, financial markets are not driven by changes in natural forces but by human phenomena, with all their implications for herd behavior, for wide swings in emotion, and for political intervention and uncertainties.
  • Resources for Science Fiction Writers: 10 Laws of Good Science Fiction – “One of the things that makes SF so compelling is that there is a feeling that what we read is real. It may be happening to fictional characters in a fictional situation, but the science and technology are a very real and important part of a reality that affects our lives.
  • Tout Your Product – “Tired of re-writing the same e-mails? Reach out to potential customers, journalists, and bloggers faster using Tout.