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Links for Sunday, November 14, 2010

  • Popular Science: Astronomers Make Extraordinarily Detailed Map of the Universe’s Dark Matter – “The new map says Abell has a lot more dark matter than expected for a cluster of its size, which leads to some interesting questions about the genesis of galaxy clusters. In order to get so big, Abell and similar clusters must have started clumping together much earlier than previously thought, when the universe was still pretty dense.
  • Mastering Emacs: Running Shells in Emacs: An Overview – “To use Emacs effectively, you must learn to use all that Emacs has to offer. One of Emacs’s strongest selling-points is its shell integration and terminal emulation. If you come from other editors or IDEs you’re probably using an external terminal window (like xterm), a terminal multiplexer (like GNU Screen) or console window (in Windows) and switching back and forth. But there’s a better way…
  • Estately Smart Schools: A New Way to Find a Home – “Today we are creating a new way for people to find a home: Estately Smart Schools. For people who want to live in a certain school area, Estately Smart Schools will help search only the homes for sale in any school’s attendance area.