Links for Monday, November 15, 2010

2 minute read

  • The Imprudence Blog: Announcing the Kokua Project – “*Kokua Viewer is the spiritual successor to the Imprudence Viewer, but using the latest SL Viewer 2 source as the starting point. Many of the improvements we have made in Imprudence will be carried forward to Kokua Viewer, and we will be applying the same dedication to creating high-quality, usable software that we have put into Imprudence for the past two years. *“
  • UK Guardian: Open Minds Reap Rewards – “His argument, as as far as Fowler could make out, was that the process would be speeded up if, by a bizarre coincidence, carbon-12 had an energy state exactly equal to the energy of three colliding helium nuclei at the 100 million-degree temperature inside a red giant. That energy was 7.65 MeV. The state had to exist, reasoned Hoyle, because life existed and life was based on carbon
  • Chetan Surpur: Life Hack – The 30/30 Minute Work Cycle Feels Like Magic – “Spending a ton of hours trying to work still feels like a ton of hours of work, even if you end up getting nothing done. With the 30/30 cycle, you’re only working half the time, and the relaxation time actually feels like relaxation without the stress of work. This makes many continuous hours of work much more bearable and productive.
  • My Damn Channel: You Suck at Photoshop – “You Suck At Photoshop #1: Distort, Warp and Layer Effects. Donnie Hoyle pulls a digital end-around on a restraining order and vandalizes a Vanagon.
  • JustinCC: My Masters Dissertation on Internet-Scale Virtual Environment Architectures – “The initial part is devoted to describing the classic ‘grid’ model, both conceptually (e.g. through the lens of the dimensions of transparency for distributed systems defined by the ISO International Standard on Open Distributed Processing) and in formal Z notation. The second part of the dissertation takes this description and compares it against what I think are the requirements for a truly Internet-scale virtual environment network. The last part of the text explores alternative architectures to the classic grid model for getting to Internet-scale.
  • Don MacAskill: Why ‘Be Passionate’ is Awesome Advice – “We could survive a total failure for no reason other than we didn’t put anything into the business other than blood, sweat, and tears. Zero dollars of investment, either by the founders or outsiders, meant we could easily walk away. Painful, but possible. (We bummed free rack space from a friend, used three ancient free servers from a failed dot com, and threw some code on it).
  • Business Model Generation – “Business Model Generation will teach you powerful and practical innovation techniques used today by leading companies worldwide. You will learn how to systematically understand, design, and implement a new business model — or analyze and renovate an old one.
  • SlideShare: Business Model Canvas Poster – “Key Partners, Key Activities, …